My name is Louise Lockhart and I am a freelance illustrator. I started The Printed Peanut in 2012 as a way of applying my drawings to products. I love to draw brightly coloured pictures dreaming up worlds where animals wear hats, the flowers are neon pink and there are ice cream shops everywhere you look. Thank you for supporting my small business. What will you choose?

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    Hangable illustrations with a multitude of uses!

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    See behind the scenes and watch me get creative on my blog!

  • Pass that Parcel

    The Printed Peanut all began with my famous Pass the Parcel!


Letterpressed Goods

Inspired by Mexican tin ornaments, I have designed a range of Letterpress Decorations. Hand printed on a big old clonky press in Glasgow.

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Parcelled up with with love

"It's like getting a present through the post"

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