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Along The Pier Concertina Book

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Along The Pier by Louise Lockhart is the long awaited follow up to Up My Street, it’s a long 10 panel concertina that stretches out to over 1.35 metres. On one side are the cheery seaside shops and stalls that glow with fun and colour. The reverse is a long panorama of a glorious seaside beach, complete with pier, lighthouse and funfair.

Over 2 years in the making, Louise visited her nearest seaside towns around the Yorkshire and Lancashire coastlines, looking out for the treasure that is independently run shops with hand painted lettering and original features. Louise has always loved the loud and brash colours of these shops, vying for your attention but slightly dog-eared and fading. Tinged with sadness and nostalgia, harking back to a bygone era or maybe just happy childhood memories. The smell of chip vinegar and hot donuts on the air. It's a heady mix that is hard to capture on paper. Louise hopes she has managed to evoke this rich visual imagery to make you feel like you've had a walk along the pier!

Lithographed in Bethnal Green in three pure spot pantones on heavy 350gsm uncoated stock.