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Harbour Office Screen Print 40x50cm

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A beautiful three colour screen print inspired by the northern coastlines of England. Can you see the little harbour office?

Louise travelled around Staithes, Whitby, Blackpool and Scarborough, soaking in the seaside atmosphere and sketching the few remaining huts and fishing boats.

To compliment the release of her latest book Along The Pier, Louise wanted to create some 'proper' art prints to celebrate the uniquely nostalgic feeling of the British seaside.

Louise first made the designs as paper collages, which she scanned in and transformed into three colour separations. Screen printed with oil-based inks in East Sussex onto 250gm Matrisse paper.

An edition of 75, signed, numbered and dated by the artist. A complimentary Along The Pier print is also available.

Sent rolled in tissue paper in a sturdy 15cm diameter tube.

(ps.s I used Habitat 40x50cm oak frames in the pictures)